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$95 per man hour + materials
1 hour minimum
$55 trip charge for jobs 4 hours or less

We love small jobs.
Most contractors go after the big jobs and big profits. They don't make any money off of the small stuff, so unless you have a large project, they likely won't help you. Then, if they do decide to take on your project, they'll provide you with a bid and cross their fingers that everything goes as planned. Your final cost may or may not be anywhere near the original estimate. 
At JP Handyman & Remodeling, we have set up a system that creates a win/win environment for everyone involved. We will come to your home for just about any project, no matter how small, for the fair hourly rate of $95/man hour, plus the cost of materials. We have a 1-hour minimum charge and bill in 15-minute increments after that. Jobs 4 hours or less will incur a $55 trip charge.   

Some jobs are more efficiently tackled with two people. In those cases, we'll send our qualified craftsmen as a team. This doubles the man hours per day, but gets the job done in fewer calendar days. 

Not sure how long your job will take? Call JP. With 20 years of experience, he can help you understand what your job will take and approximately how much it will cost. 

Service is in our hearts. We want you to be completely satisfied. See our Testimonials page to hear how happy our clients are with the care and service they receive. 

Two-man Crew Jobs

Other Costs & Fees

In addition to our regular rates, other costs may occur depending on the project.


  • Trash Removal - On most jobs, trash can be cut up and put in garbage bags for removal with your regular trash pickups. Larger jobs may require a Bagster order or additional pickup fees from your regular provider. 

  • Time Spent Finding and Ordering Materials

  • Time Spent Getting Materials

  • Equipment/Tool Rentals

  • Special Permits

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